A Centralised Student Feedback System of GU

The Feedback System

CensFEED is the GU's Centralised Student Feedback System through which feedbacks are collected regularly at the end of each semester examination.

A feedback form will be sent to all students through their registered email (as per IUMS record) toward the end of each semester, which a student is expected to fill up and submit. Failing to submit the form in due course of time may result delay in declaration of semester results.

For timely submission of the feedback form, a student should note the following important points:

  1. Regularly check the mail sent to the registered email

  2. Login to the IUMS portal and update the registered email

  3. Lookout for notice in the university's digital notice board for announce of the Feedback Submission notice.

Salient Features of the feedback process

  • Annymous
    The IQAC will NOT keep any record of students' identity with reference to the feedback received.

  • Single Submission
    A student will be able to submit the feedback ONLY once in a semester. Once a feedback is submitted, it CAN NOT be cancelled and re-submitted.

  • Receipt
    The student may download a copy of the submitted feedback for record after submission.

  • Equality
    The feedback process is completely gender insensitive. Nowhere in the feedback form, a student will need to enter name, gender, age, religion or any other personal information.