A Centralised Student Feedback System of GU

Summary of Feedback

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How is it done?

The following comparison presentations are for 14 among 38 different critera, which can at best represent overall quality of an academic department. Among the chosen 14 criteria, the best representative data slice is taken which is then weighted by the percentage of feedback responses received for that partucular department.

For example, the question about syllabus coverage has four options (i) 30 - 54% (ii) 55 - 69% (iii) 70 - 84% (iv) 85 -100%, out of which the fourth option i.e. 85 - 100% is taken as the representative data slice. So, if in a department there are 50 students out which only 25 students have responded to the feedback and if out of that 25 students who have provided feedback, 12 students have indicated that the syllabus coverage is 85 - 100%, then the weighted score for that department is 12/50 = 0.24 (exporessed in % i.e. 24.0).

The horizontal red line is each figure represents the median value i.e. the most probable score. Anything above the median is better!

Number of feedback response in any department basically shows how well the teachers of that department connect with the students. A higher number of responses is definitely better!

If you are unable to see the infographics in this page, then you are NOT authorised to access these informations. NOTE that you MUST be a members of the faculty of GU inorder to be able to view these informations.


Kindly NOTE that there are several ways of data representation and the IQAC does NOT claim that the analyses provided below and in other pages represent an aboslute comparison among the departments. You are welcome to analyse the data on your own and we can provide the data on request. Specifically, please NOTE the following

  1. The more the number of students in a department, the more it has a chance to score lower.

  2. Departments which admit students, specifically, based on entrance tests, tend to score higher.

Course Coverage
Representative data slice : 85 - 100%

Preparation by Teachers
Representative data slice : Satisfactory - Thorough

Teachers' Communication
Representative data slice : Always Effective

Teachers' Approach
Representative data slice : Very Good - Excellent

Internal Evaluation
Representative data slice : Usually Fair - Alaways Fair

Quality of Mentoring
Representative data slice : Significantly - Very Well

How often concepts are provided
Representative data slice : Usually - Everytime

How often students' weakness is addressed
Representative data slice : Usually - Everytime

How much Soft Skill is imparted
Representative data slice : To a great extent

Use of ICT Tools in Classroom
Representative data slice : 70 - 89% - Above 90%

Departmental Influence on Students to go to Research
Representative data slice : To a large extent - Definitely YES

How often Students are treated with Dignity
Representative data slice : Frequently - Always

Infrastructure Facility
Representative data slice : 8 - 10 (on a scale of 1 - 10)

Leadership & Vision of the Department
Representative data slice : 8 - 10 (on a scale of 1 - 10)